The magic of the pencil





Would you like to have your own portrait your wall? Would you like to have a portrait of your beloved musician or someone famous?

Are you looking for something special for birthday and you have no idea what to buy?

This site is for you!



Portrait may be a valuable souvenir and a perfect gift for almost every important occasion! It’s more original and attractive than stuff you can buy in shops.





I offer self-made portraits made in pencil. People on my portraits are nearly photo realistic – you can check it my photo gallery (section GALERIA).



Every order has to be discussed with the customer (you can find my email adress below). First we have to choose the photo. It’s better to send more than only one.

The photo should be taken from short distance from the lens. It has to be clear. Another important thing is the resolution: I accept photos with resolution above 2Mpx (1600x1200). The quality of the photo is essential! If I can see the details on it, I can draw it more realistic, therefore the portrait is more realistic.

Second thing is the size of the portrait. The most common is 30x40 (A3 size), which I can recommend as a good choice. It could be of course bigger (40x50 if you wish).



My portraits sent abroad are always framed. They are ready to hang on the wall. You can choose glass or plexi anti frame. I recommend anti frame made of plexi – it looks almost like glass, but you can’t it destroy as easily as glass, especially during post delivery this choice is much safer.


Before the payment and delivery you will see the portrait – I will send it via email and ask you for acceptance. The portrait will be packed and and sent by post after the payment. I will send you as well on you email the confirmation of sending the package with framed drawing so you can be sure it will be delivered. 



Framed drawing in pencil – one person

30x40 (A3 size)  – 20 

40x50 (A2 size) - 30 €



Framed drawing in pencil – two people

30x40 (A3 size)  – 30 

40x50 (A2 size) - 35 €




To every order you have to add the cost of the delivery. The cost depends on the country you live in – below you have cost for several locations:




Germany: 13 

Czech Republik, Slovakia: 7,60 

America and Asia: 15 




Contact me: